TIL: 發現新矮行星, 悲觀的力量, 成功人士的習慣及40歲才為退休打算

Today I learn

#1  new dwarf planet

PLUTO 冥王星被定為dwarf planet 矮行星後,天文家不斷發現新的矮行星,似要合理化剔PLUTO出九大行星之列的決定:太陽系內實在有很多跟pluto 差不多的星體,不踢pluto出九大, 恐怕要加更多的新成貝!

新近就發現了一個新的矮行星, 代號V774104, 其位處太陽系邊陲,比pluto 距離太陽要再遠2-3倍。這個發現會不會將太陽系的版圖再擴大 呢?



#2 power of pessimism

當positive pychology 大行其道之時, 不難預期會有人唱反調。research of NYU professor Gabriele Oettingen 相信 “pessimism can be a better motivator for achieving goals than optimism”

一個新的名詞“defensive pessimism.”就being coined in. As summarized by The Wall Street Journal, where people “lower their expectations and think through all the possible negatives that could happen in order to avoid them.

其實即是我們說的防患如未然或未雨綢繆, 何北悲觀之有?

有趣的是, 文章引用的一個研究。a 2013 study released in Psychology and Aging concluded that “Older people who have low expectations for a satisfying future may be more likely to live longer, healthier lives than those who see brighter days ahead.”

這樣說來, 老來太過安逸如來不是好事!

#3 productive habit

最常出現在lifehacker, fastcompany 一類專講productivity 的網站就是這題目,重複又重複,看膩了嗎?就當是溫故知新好了。

1. They Don’t Major In The Minor
2. They Get Up Early
3. They Avoid Multitasking
4. They Keep Track Of Tasks
5. They Take Notes
6. They Keep Meetings To A Minimum
7. They Meditate (?!)

#4 saving for retirement at 40

若果如我般40歲都未為退休打算, 現在開始或未算遲, 只要能毅力意志做出以下3項建議:

  • Invest three times more than someone who started 10 years earlier
  • Accept a higher level of risk
  • Get more involved in your investing activities



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